Over the following weeks, Greyburne's is going to be making the transition from physical storefront to digital emporium, and it's guaranteed to be an exciting time for everyone.  Check back regularly for product updates, events, and campaign news.  I promise you, this is a store unlike any you've ever seen before, and with years of experience and a veritable treasure trove of goods to share, you can be sure that every visit will bring you a pleasant surprise.  

           Be sure to stop by every Friday for updates to the first Greyburne's Testimonial, the ongoing story of P.T. Lyfantod, Private Eye to see just what you're getting yourself into--and of which every word I promise is entirely true.

           Greyburne's is more than a store.  It is a hub, of commerce and intrigue, at the center of a complex web.  I hope for this digital venture to mirror my brick and mortar business as closely as possible, and I will use it to place calls to action from time to time, to enlist the hands of the willing masses for a range of endeavors.  Successful participants will be handsomely rewarded, with money and goods and... other things. 

          To keep up with the goings on here, make sure to follow Greyburnes on Instagram and Twitter.  

          I look forward to meeting you all.  I have nothing but good feelings about where all this will go.  

- R. Greyburne


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