Garments, Provisions, and Gear at Greyburnes.  Clothes, food, potions, and necessities.

All the goods an aspiring adventurer requires.  Bags with no bottoms.  Earrings that increase your perceived intelligence.  Bracelets to enhance your manual dexterity.  Coats which will never tear, no matter how many times you poke them with the tips of scissors.  Scissors.  Notebooks.  Other stationery.  Loaves of bread that cause an uptick in the growth of facial hair.  Umbrellas, which keep the rain off.

Find them here!


Disclaimer: Greyburne's takes no responsibility for items lost out the bottoms of bottomless bags, precious or otherwise.  Statistical improvements as certified by Dr. Schweinehunde's Appraisal Service are impossible to test in the field.  Damaged items will not be accepted for return unless they were received damaged, and certainly not if you've poked them with scissors.  Greyburne's neither guarantees nor endorses beard growth in women, children, or animals.  Umbrella efficacy reliant upon wind strength and whether or not you have them open.  Purchase at your own risk.