The Starlight Sorcerer
Pass through the Gates of Horn and Ivory and transport yourself into a world of Dreams.  A world of Wonders.  Of Mysteries.  Dramas unfold within these hallowed halls.  Tales hitherto untold.  Tales told a thousand times over, given new life and seen as if for the very first time.  The Luminary is a theater like no other—for there is little more marvelous than when stagecraft and sorcery unite.
For those of you who have never made pilgrimage the Luminary Theater in Edinburgh, I cannot recommend it highly enough.  I can only suppose that you never heard tell of it till now.  For those of you who have, I know that no more need be said.  Whether you are devotee of screen or stage, bookworm or bibliophobe, I guarantee that you have never experienced the narrative arts as you will at the Luminary.  You may fall willing thrall to a page-turning novel; have your heartstrings plucked by a powerful performance—but to pass an evening at the Luminary is to be transported, soul entire.  To leave your life behind.  Your troubles and your worries have no place here.  Become the hero.  The villain.  Become the Universe itself.  Do not observe, but live.   Through epics sagas, intimate yarns, tall tales, and poignant truths, as they manifest within you.  It is an experience that defies explanation.  Though I do try, the truth is that words will never be enough.  I can only beg that you do yourself the service of seeing for yourself.  
The last play I saw there was The Starlight Sorcerer, by Aldawda min Alkharij.  It was a dark masterpiece.  A tragedy both strange and all too familiar.  It was moving, and at moments terrifying.  When those ropy tentacles wrapped around my leg—well, I don't want to give away the ending.  But suffice it to say that it was better than any movie.  Do yourself a favor and buy a ticket before it's gone for good.  
Perhaps I'll post more of their playbills here in the future, to better entice you into going.


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