Advertisement for the Lurkinn and Hayes Whisper Cape, which keeps the wearer silent and looks good doing it!

Hi guys, Molly here.
Bit of a weird time at Greyburne's, with the break in and everything. I'm still a bit rattled. What if I'd been here when it happened?? We're still looking for Alastor Vane, and we really appreciate everyone who's helped us figure out his riddles--still no luck on the last one though, so if anyone has any ideas, just comment! Anyway, it's Wednesday, and I prepared, so I'm gonna post like normal.
Today's piece is a flier from a local shop we sometimes work with, Lurkinn and Hayes. They make cloaks and capes and things like that. This ad is from their fall collection, for their Whisper Cape, which is supposed to make the wearer completely silent! Sounds a bit creepy to me, but it does look nice. We don't have any in stock--in fact, the only thing we've got right now is a few Rose Buds posters that I was uh... storing at my flat--but the advert is pretty beautiful!
Let me know if you like it! More next week, and of course Lyfantod on Friday. Bye!


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