Wizard Hats: A Shoppable Style Guide

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There is a great deal of argument over what makes a wizard. Some say it's his beard. Others his robes, or the twinkle in his eye. But if you ask me, there's nothing more singular to a wizard's style than his hat. 

Wizard's hats come in all types, from tall and pointed (one of my favorite looks), to low and floppy, and everywhere in between. 

Though there is no particular feature that distinguishes a wizardly hat from a non-wizardly one, they do tend to follow certain trends in design, featuring patterns that reflect the magical arts, whether arcane symbols or elements of nature, mythical beasts or other otherworldly motifs. Some are plain, or abstractly patterned, but made in unusual shapes that lend their wearer that mystic, mysterious, majestic air that wizards of all stripes prize so dearly.

If a wizard's hat is what you're looking for, and you're not sure where to look, this actionable guide is an excellent place to start. And if you happen to be looking for a particular style that you can't quite find, feel free to reach out in the comments below. 

Wizard Hat on a Table

Now, let us begin our look at some extraordinarily wizardly hats.

Wizard's Hats (& Where to Find Them)

As you embark on the search for the perfect cover for your sorcerous dome, it's worth keeping in mind that you need not subscribe to any stereotypes to achieve a sufficiently wizardly look. There are those who would have you believe that unless you were alabaster-skinned and heavily wrinkled, blessed with a downy white beard and expressive long fingers, you'd have no chance looking the part. I prefer a more inclusive approach.

Remember, wizards - by that name and a myriad others - have lived and died in every corner of the globe, in every age since the dawn of man itself. A wizard's costume is not a uniform. In fact, it's the very opposite. A non-uniform, as it were. If one wizard looked like every other, why, they'd have missed the point entirely. 

Being wizardly means evoking an air of mysticism, of mystery, sagacity, and a distinctly incompatible blend of gravitas and whimsy. Finding the hat most suitable to that lofty goal is no mean feat, and the answer is different for everyone. Your options are numerous, none better or worse than any of the others. What I'm going to do is show them to you. Make sure you look at them all before making a decision.


The Iconic Conical Wizard's Hat

Conical wizard hats have a timeless appeal that transcends generations. Their iconic design, with a tall pointed cone and wide brim, instantly evokes the image of a wise and powerful wizard. Synonymous with magic and mystery, they add an air of mystique to any costume or outfit and can instantly transform the wearer into a mythical character, sure to captivate and inspire.


Curled Brim Witch Hat from Felt Wicked

Curled Brim Witch Hat from Felt Wicked


Sage Witch Hat from Felt Wicked

Sage Witch Hat from Felt Wicked


Storm Witch Hat from Felt Wicked

Storm Witch Hat from Felt Wicked


Dark Red 18-inch Floral Straw Witch Hat from Cottage Witch Society

Dark Red 18-Inch Floral Straw Witch Hat from Cottage Witch Society


Large Straw Witch Hat With Ribbon - 22-inch Brim from Cottage Witch Society

Large Straw Witch Hat With Ribbon - 22-Inch Brim from Cottage Witch Society


Yellow Sunflower with Neutral Foliage and Gold Ribbon 18-inch Floral Straw Witch Hat from Cottage Witch Society

Yellow Sunflower with Neutral Foliage and Gold Ribbon 18-Inch Floral Straw Witch Hat from Cottage Witch Society


Cotton Witch Hat from Armstreet

Cotton Witch Hat from Armstreet

Greyburnes Shoppable Guide – Wizard Hats

The Soft Pointed Cap

Soft to the touch and rich in character, the Soft Pointed Cap is anything less than ordinary. With its gentle point reaching for the heavens, it whispers secrets of magic and wonders into your ear, inspiring endless adventures. Making it the perfect addition to your dark academia fashion ensemble, and when paired with a tailored blazer and vintage leather boots will make for a truly enchanting wearing experience!

The Phrygian Cap or Liberty Cap

Steeped in history, signifying freedom, and the embodiment of independence, the Phrygian Cap will unleash your rebellious spirit. You can thank its other name – Liberty, along with its pointed tip for your newfound boundless bravery and imagination as you wear it. Don it proudly with a flowy white blouse, high-waisted trousers, and worn-in leather boots to let the spirit of this unconventional wizard hat guide you on your next journey.

The Kufi Hat

Woven with threads of cultural heritage, the Kufi Hat – short, brimless, and round in nature, weaves a tapestry of stories and unity. It's snug fit and often lightweight fabric make this wizard hat perfect for your warmer adventures – especially when paired with an equally flowy wizard cap and sandals to ground you on your path. Let the Kufi be a beacon of inspiration as you journey through the realms of knowledge and beyond.

The Top Hat

Elevate your dark academia fashion to unparalleled heights with the timeless elegance of the Top Hat. This exquisite headpiece exudes sophistication and grandeur, capturing the essence of the academia aesthetic. With its tall stature and polished brim, it invites you to step into a world of enchantment and charm – and there’ll be no telling what hidden gems can be stored within! Dress for the path of the courageous with a tailored suit and accessorize with magic rings to evoke an air of mysterious allure and intellectual prowess.

The Yemeni Madhalla Hat

Unveil the secrets of a faraway land with the Yemen Madhalla Hat. Woven with the golden threads of Arabian tales, this hat transports you to the bustling souks and ancient ruins of Yemen. Its tall, intricate straw construction, while designed to promote air circulation within, mirrors the labyrinthine paths of destiny. Wear it with a flowing silk tunic, embroidered pants, and leather sandals for a captivating fantasy outfit. Let the Yemen Madhalla Hat be your trusted companion as you explore the realms of magic and mystery.

The Skullcap

Unlock the power of focus and serenity with the Skullcap. This snug-fitting hat rests gently upon your crown, inviting clarity and calmness. Its simple yet refined design reflects the essence of minimalism. Let it be your companion in moments of introspection and quiet contemplation. Pair it with a cozy knit sweater, high-waisted trousers, and brogue shoes for an understated dark academia look - adding a touch of mystique to your ensemble.

The Dutch Muts Hat

Delight in the whimsical charm of the Dutch Muts Hat. Its vibrant and distinct patterns, once used to identify Dutch whalers from each other, now radiate joy and cheerfulness. Wear it proudly with a vintage-inspired dress, patterned tights, and Mary Jane shoes for a delightful dark academia outfit. Knitted in a double layer for warmth, the Dutch Muts Hat is the cherry on top of your winter fantasy outfit. (You didn’t hear it from us...) Its layers are the perfect place to conceal your hidden treasures or new discoveries.

The Newsboy Hat

Step into the bustling streets of old-world charm with the Newsboy Hat. Born from the spirit of adventure and curiosity, this hat carries the stories of bygone eras. Its timeless style, with its flat cap and playful flair, embodies the spirit of a roving reporter, always ready to chase a thrilling tale or stumble upon a hidden gem. When worn with a tweed blazer, wizard shirt, high-waisted trousers, and leather brogues, the Newsboy Hat adds a touch of whimsy and intellect to your academia-style attire.

The Bowler

Add a dash of dapper elegance with the iconic Bowler hat. Born on the streets of London, this hat symbolizes sophistication and quick wit. Its rounded crown and sturdy brim offer a touch of old-world charm. Wear it confidently and embark on your own urban adventures, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. Its classic shape demands to be worn with a tailored suit, a crisp white shirt, and polished Oxford shoes for a refined dark academia outfit.

The Norwich Castle Hat

Embark on a medieval journey with the Norwich Castle Hat. Once the crowning glory of a historic uniform, this fur-felted wonder and its ribbon-lined brim offers the chance for reinvention. Let it be a reminder of your inner strength and honor as you traverse the realms of imagination. If you’re bold enough to redefine the modern-day wizard ensemble, pair it with a velvet cloak or a lace-trimmed blouse to crown your fantasy outfit with enchantment and majesty.

The Tyrolean Hat

Experience the charm of Alpine landscapes with the Tyrolean Hat. Crafted from the finest materials and adorned with vibrant feathers, this hat exudes rustic elegance. Its distinctive shape and colorful accents celebrate the joy of mountain life and traditional folk culture. Wear it proudly and dance to the melodies of alpine festivities. Pair it with a hand-embroidered dress, patterned stockings, and adorn it with your earned badges from your voyages to celebrate any festival in style!

The Fulani Hat

Embrace the spirit of West Africa with the Fulani Hat. Inspired by the vibrant cultures of the Fulani people, this hat embodies grace and beauty. Its intricate weaving, leather brim detailing, and lively patterns reflect the rhythm of nomadic life. Adorn your head with this masterpiece, and let the echoes of the savannah guide you to new horizons. Pair it with a flowing silk wizard robe, beaded magic rings, and leather sandals for a captivating fusion of cultural richness and wonder!

The Yoruba Beaded Crown

Step into the realm of regality with the Yoruba Beaded Crown. Handcrafted with meticulous care and adorned with exquisite beads, this crown carries the weight of centuries of tradition and power. Pair this majestic headpiece with a flowing wizard cape gown, gold magic rings, and embellished sandals to lead with grace and wisdom. The Yoruba Beaded Crown is the ultimate hat to tell the tale of your voyages – adding a touch of majesty and cultural significance along the way.

The Kalpak Embroidered Cap

Resembling a snow peak with four sides representing the four elements: air, water, fire, and earth, the Kalpak Embroidered Cap embodies unity and wisdom. Often complete with intricate embroidery containing wishes, this headpiece speaks of ancient traditions and an untamed spirit. Let it guide you through the vast landscapes of imagination and discovery. Unleash your inner wanderer and embrace curiosity as you wear the fine wool cap.


Now remember, this list is far from exhaustive, but you should by now have a lay of the land and a better idea of what it is you're after. If you think there's something that ought to be on this list that isn't, be sure to comment below.

 Check back for more wizardly hats from Madame Humphrey.


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