Wizard Outfit Ideas

Looking to put together your first or freshest wizardly outfit, but not sure where to start? My name is Madame Humphrey, proprietor of Madame Humphrey Clothier, and I'm here to help. 

Here you'll find regular updates with new, achievable outfits that will have you looking your wizardly best. Visit for wizard style tips and a look at the best stores to visit to create a wizardly aesthetic that will have everyone eyeing you with envy. 


If there's a particular look you're trying to achieve, but you can't figure out how to source it, feel free to comment below to have your questions answered. 

Now, without further ado, let's dive in.

Wizard Outfit Ideas: Building Your Wizardly Wardrobe

Wizard hats, wizard's robes, wizard cloaks and capes. Wizard boots and loafers, magic rings and bottomless bags. Everything you need to put together a properly sorcerous look is out there, if only you know where to find it! 

For further inspiration, browse our ongoing Wizard Outfit Inspiration Pinterest Board

A Sorcerer in Scarlet

Sorcerer in Scarlet Wizard's Robes

The color red is steeped in meaning, evoking power, passion, and blood. Here's everything you'll need to replicate this wizardly outfit.

Robes: Kilim Carpet Coat from Gilda's Closet

Shirt: Traditional Chinese Shirt from Hanfu Modern

Trousers: Bar III Slim-Fit Red Solid Suit Dress Pants from Bristol Apparel or similar

Shoes: Burgundy Velvet Loafers from Ferucci

Bag: Kilim Travel Bag from bohoMagasine

Brooch: Scarab Brooch from Minerva Sol

Bandana: Wildflower Bandana from Bloomingprint

 Next we'll take our first look at the Academia Aesthetic, a truly wizardly style.


The Dark Academia Aesthetic: Part One

Dark Academia Wizard Female 

The Dark Academia Aesthetic should be one of the easiest wizardly styles for you to achieve, as chances are everything you need is at your local mall or high street. Focus on dark, neutral colors and the classic, sophisticated styles exemplifying life at a boarding school or college. 

When you can, substitute thrifted finds for new ones. Old, quality, and cared-for will outdo fresh and flimsy every time. 

Complete the look with a few subtle nods to the magical world; pins, patches and jewelry ought to do it.

Shirt: Academia Long Sleeve Blouse from lotouyou

Skirt: Ladies Camel Thomson Tartan Skirt from Glasgow Kilt Company

Boots: Dark Academia Patent Leather British Style Flat Boots from The Dark Academic

Bag: Chiffre from Esde Bags

Necklace: The Conjuror Pendant from Dichotomie

Shawl: Flodden Commemorative Tartan Shawl from LoullyMakes


A Sage of the Sands

 A Sage of the Sands, or Desert Wizard

He drifts in over the tops of distant dunes, bearing news of the outside world and well-traveled wisdom. His flowing cloak appears to melt into the sand, but for a few spots of color. He is one with the desert. 

: Hooded Berber Cape from Berber Artisinat Fine
Trousers: Terra Luna Handloom Drawstring Pant from Aza
Shoes: Kilim Loafers from Res Ipsa
Sash: Mustard Yellow Linen Belt from Polina Couture
Bottle: Water Gourd from Gourd Cottage
Necklace: Berber Necklace from Jewels of Nomads


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