Duelist's Club Pendant
Duelist's Club Pendant

A Duelists' Club Pendant

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M is for Magic.  

Despite the outward appearance of internal strife at the Guild, their detectives are at as hard of work as ever when it comes to putting the kibosh on the underground dueling scene, and the infamous Duelist's Club has pretty much got a monopoly on that particular pastime in this neck of the woods.  

Considering the amount of effort the Club puts into security—never holding a bout in the same place twice, keeping the locations in the strictest confidence, concealing and repelling charms, and all manner of defenses—it's surprising how often they get raided.  It just goes to show, I suppose, that the Strawmen aren't quite as incompetent as they sometimes appear.  Of course, when the raids do happen, it's rarely the stars that get caught; it's the bottom rung spectators.  

But even they need one of the distinctive Duelist's Club Pendants to get in the door, and it's thanks to their less than fleet feet—and to the unfortunate, costly penchant for speculation of a certain unnamed Guildsman of my acquaintance—that I have the pleasure of offering them to you. 

Now, I can't guarantee that simply getting ahold of one of these curious chokers will get you into the Club.  You'll have to find it first.  Just don't let any Strawmen see you wearing it.  They've little patience and less restraint when it comes to dealing with those who break their precious laws—whether they make a whit of sense or not.  


Details:  A pendant of hand-carved blackwood in the shape of a Wand, polished to a high sheen and set with a solid gold cap in the head marked with a letter M.  Wand measures 47mm in length, 6mm wide at the top.  Set on fine, 18 inch, sterling silver chain.  

Disclaimer: Greyburne's accepts no responsibility if you are caught by the Guild in possession of any unsanctioned goods, nor of any harm that may befall you resulting thereof.  Further, should you find yourself in any duels as a consequence of acquiring this pendant, any injuries sustained therein are your responsibility and yours alone.  As a valued Greyburne's customer, we ask that you exercise discretion and good judgment, with full awareness that a great many of you are lacking in both.