Greyburne's Boon Coin, South African Shilling
So you've earned a Boon, and now you're wondering what exactly that means.  

The reward for a deed done, a quest completed, or a riddle unriddled, Boons are my way of keeping track of those who I deem to have performed a valuable service to Greyburne's, or shown merit worthy of commendation.  Think of them as favors, to be called in when the occasion presents itself to receive a more substantial reward—usually either a product from the store, an event-exclusive item, valuable information, and in some cases, the chance to make a request of me personally.  They cannot be purchased, they cannot be sold, they cannot be transferred, and they most certainly cannot be traded for cash.  

When you earn a Boon, I'll notify you first, and then you'll receive it in the mail a short time later.  Don't feel the need to use it at the first opportunity.  They are not granted lightly, and you may find that if you wait, you'll be able to use it for something you desire far more greatly.  


Some of the ways you might earn a Boon:


Solving Mysteries

With the circles I run in, I frequently find myself butting up against barriers of understanding.  In this world, information is a valuable commodity, shared only at great cost.  As such people have a strong tendency to disguise the knowledge they have worked so hard to acquire.  Puzzles.  Riddles.  Ciphers.  I am plagued by them, and though I've grown quite adept at unraveling their secrets, sometimes it's easier to outsource the labor.  If you're into that sort of thing, stick around.  You'll have plenty of opportunities to exercise the analytical side of your brain.  



What a loaded word--rife with connotation, and yet ideal for my present purposes.  I have my fingers in a great number of pots, and business is not my only business.  I simply don't have enough time to do all of the things I need to do, and so, on occasion, I will put out the call for help.  I will ask things of you.  Things which are not easy, nor comfortable.  Which may require herculean effort, or grueling odysseys.  Or, depending on my level of desperation, moderate inconvenience.  Answer that call, and you will be rewarded.