Salamander Scale Ring

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Details:  Each scale is set in an handmade, oxidized band of 925 sterling silver, meticulously worked into a scale-pattern.  The oxidization will wear away over time, leaving the raised surfaces with a smooth, shining finish, while the crevices stay black.  
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Now I ask you, have you ever been burned?  I have, and I can say that I didn't much enjoy the experience.  I would even go so far as to say that I hope it doesn't happen again.  Really.  I imagine you feel the same.  

Well, you're in luck, because I have just the thing. Salamander Scales.  The essence of elemental fire, condensed into a tiny, beautiful shard of vibrant orange--with the uncanny ability to absorb great heat; to suck it right out of the air like a caterpillar with a hookah pipe, certified effective by Dr. Schweinehunde's Appraisal Service.  

Take one, set it in a silver band, and you're basically fireproof.  Don't believe me?  Just ask Lyfantod.  


Disclaimer: Greyburne's is not responsible for any burns or other injuries sustained while wearing a Salamander Scale Ring.  Efficacy not guaranteed.  Playing with fire is never a good idea, and strictly not endorsed by Greyburne's.  Salamander Scales are not effective with hot stoves, boiling soups, electrical currents, or explosive impacts.  Be careful, people.