Superior Serpentine Staff

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A fine willow staff, carved with the head of a serpent.

58" inches (147 cm)


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The Late Bloomers call them Snake Sticks.

If you've never before heard of the Late Bloomers, count yourself lucky. And if you've never seen one of their serpentine staves, count yourself even luckier. 

Like their staves, the Bloomers are far more dangerous than you would guess by their appearance: they're some of the biggest trouble you'll find on the underside of the legal drinking age. Most weigh less than a sack of potatoes, and thanks to an inexplicable penchant for dressing like newsboys, they look like they've all fallen out of a photograph from 1910.

Don't let their size or their eccentricities fool you.

As any soul who's had the misfortune to cross them can tell you, the boys are not to be trifled with. They're as slippery as greased eels, and when they aren't robbing folk or out picking pockets, their favorite pastime is blowing things up. They're frighteningly good at it. 

And as for these staves--hand-carved from diamond willow by the Bloomers themselves--the boys have managed enchanted them. One minute, lifeless wood. The next, a live snake: wrapped around your legs, and slithering towards your throat. 

The spell must have something to do with the bit of Hebrew inscribed at the throat. Ruach (רוּחַ). I've discovered it means breath. Despite knowing which, I have never been able to make the enchantment work, myself.

Perhaps you'll have better luck.