The Miner's Friend

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The inscription, in a dialect of Dwarvish, reads: "Dig deep, old friend."

I have never seen anything quite like it. This ring is truly one of a kind.

It was found beneath the rubble in a collapsed shaft of an old Dwarven mine, around the index finger of a skeletal hand, the flesh long since turned to dust. Who its original owner may have been, I can only guess, but you can be fairly certain he was a Dwarf, and he most likely once wielded a hammer like the one whose head is set atop the ring.

Sixty grams of solid silver, it has the heft of a small brick.The vibrant blue of the topaz set in the center complements nicely the rich patina acquired over who knows how many hundreds of years it spent lying forgotten in the dark, beneath a pile of old stone. 



Sterling Silver

Blue Topaz

Size: 11 (US) 


Appraisal from Dr. Schweinehunde's Appraisal Service available free with purchase upon request.