Transfiguration: Grade 4 Spellbook

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Dimensions: 5.5" x 8"


One Handcrafted Cover, snugly fit: Transfiguration: Grade Four

One Strathmore 400 Softcover Drawing Journal (96pgs - Cream) 

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Stationery, crafted by hands more than Human.
 That's how I'd sell these sketchbooks if I were in charge of marketing them--which as a matter of fact, I am.  

Originally held in the vast echoing library of the fanatic collector Reverie Larkin, improved by a cadre of industrious Brownies, these gorgeous volumes may have once held spells that would allow a practicing wizard to turn his ruler into a garden snake (though I don't know why he'd want to); alas, now they hold only blank pages: 96 high quality, pristine, cream-colored pages, of a fine weight and tooth for sketching on, by Strathmore.  

Now, I know what you're thinking.  You wanted a spellbook.  Even if it is one for children.  Well wouldn't we all?  Old Reverie is not likely to part with any of his treasured tomes so long as they've got all their printing in, though, so for now you'll have to settle for the appearance of Sorcery.  (I may be able to help you with the practical bits, just take a look at our Cantrips, Recipes, and Schematics to see if we've got any spells in stock; our inventory is always changing) 

There are upsides, though.  The crisp crackle of the binding.  The glimmer of the circle emblazoned in brilliant gold leaf on the cover.  And the workmanship!  When have you ever been able to finish a sketchbook--and then put new paper in?  Well with these you can, which means that you can maintain appearances for years to come, as these now-unspoiled volumes acquire the patina of age, and grow more beautiful with every passing day.  Spill on them.  Scratch them.  Ding up the corners.  You'll only look more wizardly.  

And lest you forget: They make lovely gifts.  But hurry.  Supplies are limited, and when the next lot comes round, who knows what books those mischievous imps will choose to work with?