The Best Place to Buy Magic Textbooks | Greyburne's Exclusive!

Parents! It's Christmas time, and your kids are wishing they were off practicing magic at a certain school of Witchcraft and Wizardry--whiling their days away learning spells, playing wizard's chess, and drinking pumpkin juice.

You wonder, where can I buy magical textbooks?

I've seen it time and again. And I can help.

Transfiguration Textbooks

at Greyburne's are the perfect solution to your holiday dilemma.

Transfiguration Textbook

Handmade, hardcover, and professionally bound, they're the perfect accompaniment to your wizard's robes and magic wand--perhaps along with one of our bottomless bags.

Best of all, the brownies who made them replaced the interior with 96 high quality, pristine, cream-colored pages, of a fine weight and tooth for sketching on, produced by Strathmore. Which means that once you've filled it, you can replace the interior and start again, making this sketchbook a timeless gift that will only gain in value with age.

Magical Textbooks coming to Greyburne's

While currently the only books of magic available at Greyburne's are our copies of Transfiguration, Grade 4, there is a magical library not far from our shop. With sufficient demand, I am confident we can begin offering textbooks for a variety of popular magical subjects, such as potions, herbology, divination, and the like. 

Supplies Limited!

If you'd like to get your hands on one of our pristine copies of Transfiguration, Grade 4, for sketching, writing, or gifting, act fast! We've less than a hundred copies remaining, and they're going quickly! 

Don't miss your chance. Buy now!




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