A page from On the Undead, Chapter Fourteen, On Zombies

Hi everyone, Molly here. This week I decided to post something a little more practical. This is a page from one of a couple books that Mr. Greyburne lent to Lyfantod earlier this year--if you don't know why then you haven't been keeping up with the Testimonials. I imagine they must have come in useful. Maybe they'll pop up in the story soon. This one is from a book called "On the Undead," the subject of which I imagine you can guess. This page is the beginning of chapter fourteen: "On Zombies." I don't think the guy who wrote it was a very creative type. Still, it's really fascinating, and reading it is making me real thankful for that vial of Reluctant Revenant that Mr. Greyburne got me. Zombie repellant! And I haven't seen a single zombie since I've had it, so it must be working. Right? Enjoy your Wednesday guys. If you like this post, I'll share the first page of the book tomorrow maybe.


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