Shivering Choux Cream, a delicious pastry from Puff's Pastries in Edinburgh
Hi everyone, I hope your Wednesday is going well. Things have calmed down here a bit since the robbery. Mr. Greyburne still has hope that we'll get his things back but I have my doubts. That Alastor Vane... I don't know if he ever wanted to do anything but punish Mr. Greyburne for not giving him what he wanted. Still not sure how things are going to turn out, but I have a feeling that when we do solve that final riddle, we aren't going to like what happens next.
In any case, today's Wednesday peek into our world is close to my heart. It's a box from Puff's Pastries, which has some of the most delicious and interesting treats out there for those of us with a sweet tooth. This particular dessert is their famous Shivering Choux Cream. If I wasn't on a diet I could really go for one right now. As they say--it shivers all the way down!


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