A Canister of Tail Tea from the Twisted Birch Tea Room
Hey everyone!  It's Halloween, so I decided to try to find something fitting for the occasion.  This week I'm featuring Tail Tea, a rather interesting offering from the Twisted Birch Tea Room--home of Eleanor's Extra Ominous Earl Grey, if you didn't know.  In case the packaging isn't a dead giveaway, Tail Tea isn't the sort of thing you'd serve your friends.  Or acquaintances.  Or anyone you like, really.  It's more of a... prank tea?  Revenge tea?  Hilarious-but-God-don't-let-it-happen-to-me tea?  
Essentially if you drink it, you sprout a tail.  And from what I hear, not always the same kind of tail either.  Some people get dogs.  Some people get foxes.  Some people get monkeys.  I guess if it was prehensile it wouldn't be that bad.  You could still wear skirts.  Or kilts...  
In any case, something to consider if you have any enemies out there.  The hospital bills alone would be incredible.  Can you imagine?  Just whatever you do, don't get caught!  
Happy Halloween!  
- Molly


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