Wizard Robes: A Shoppable Style Guide

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Draping, flowing, fantastic, few garments evoke the wizard's sagacity and wisdom, their devotion to the arcane arts, their esoteric knowledge more immediately than a robe. A symbol of wise men and worthy women, sorcerers and priests from time immemorial, robes come in all shapes and sizes, in fabrics from linen to silk, in black and white and every color in between.

If you're in the market for wizardly dress, there's nothing surer to cement your sorcerous look than a good robe. Of course, if you've spent any time looking at all, you'll have noticed that aside from the ones you'll were to bed and bath, robes are notoriously difficult to find. 

Have no fear. I, Madame Humphrey, of Madame Humphrey's Clothier, am here to tell you everything you need to know when choosing your wizard's robes, and more importantly -- where to find them. 
So dive into this eminently shoppable guide, and discover the robe that's right for you.

Wizard’s Robes (& Where to Find Them)

Tajik Paranaja courtesy SO Rugs and Textiles

Tajik Paranja courtesy SO Rugs and Textiles

Traditionally, wizard's robes have been gaudy, flamboyant, and colorful; rich in pattern and embroidery, straining at the seams of propriety. You have your stars. Your floral prints. Your mesmerizing geometric designs. 

Res Ipsa Vintage Quilt Kimono

Quilt Kimono courtesy Res Ipsa


Modern wizard's robes, of the aforementioned academia aesthetic, reject all that. They bear many of the hallmarks of modern, utilitarian fashion, and would pass at any boarding school or college in the country. They come in blacks and whites, browns and greys and beiges, with simple cuts that do, I must admit, make the wearer look rather smart, if less enigmatic than I would personally like. 

If traditional styles are what you seek, but you don't know where to look, consider looking into Central Asian chapan, Japanese kimono, hanten and haori, Asian kaftan, Chinese hanfu, and Middle Eastern and North African thawb to get started.


For more wizard outfit ideas from Madame Humphrey, visit our dedicated page, updated regularly.


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