The fully revealed zombie warning from City Council from January 2018
And now back to our regularly scheduled programming.  That's right it's Wednesday, and as promised, here's the actual flier that City Council wanted people to see.  The right people, that is.  Pretty scary, huh?  And the worst part is--oh, I guess I can't say anything about that without ruining the Lyfantod story.  But I bet what you really want to know is, if you run into one of these in the wild, how do you get it to open up, as it were?  
It's simple.  Just put your thumb over the little City Council logo at the bottom and say "Open Sesame."  I know.  Corny, right?  But this is basically the magical equivalent of trying to remember the password to your facebook account.  When's the last time you actually had to put that in?  They would put these things up and I guess everybody kept forgetting how to get them to work (this was like 200 years ago or something, mind) so they had to pick something so dumb that it was funny, that way everyone would remember.  Makes sense, kinda.  AND I guess it has the added benefit of being a phrase that no one has any use for whatsoever.  No accidental magic happening here.  
So there you have it.  Buddy system and .44 magnums okay, pitchforks and torches, no go.  Come back next week for more exciting looks into a world I'm sure you had no idea existed!  


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